Munger Comes To Her Senses

It appears like the California PTA and others were able to bring Molly Munger to her senses and, as the Sacramento Bee reports, Molly Munger pulling ad critical of Jerry Brown’s Prop. 30. Her spokesperson says: “We made our point, and now we’re moving on,” said Proposition 38 spokesman Nathan Ballard. “This isn’t the No […]

Sacramento Bee Calls On CA PTA To Contain Molly Munger

The campaign to fund or, in Molly Munger’s case, de-fund public education in California continues. Here are some excerpts from today’s Sacramento Bee’s editorial: The California PTA and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson are the most prominent supporters of Munger’s Proposition 38. On Wednesday, Torlakson called on Munger to cease the attack. The PTA […]

Molly Munger Initiates “Murder-Suicide” Pact To Devastate CA Schools

Here in California, billionaire Molly Munger began running ads, apparently with the California PTA’s support, supporting her doomed-to-fail initiative and attacking the Governor and teacher-supported initiative that actually has a chance to win and providing monies to public schools. You can read all about it at today’s post at Ed Source, Munger-funded “compare and contrast” […]

It Looks Like I’m Not The Only One Wanting The PTA To Do Something About Molly Munger…

Yesterday, I wrote about the anti-education destruction in California being done by billionaire Molly Munger and my hope that her partner, the California PTA, could reign her in. It doesn’t appear that I’m the only one with those feelings… Here’s an excerpt from today’s article in Ed Source: State Board of Education President Mike Kirst […]

“Molly Munger puts $2 million more into California tax measure”

The multimillionaire (billionaire) supporting an ill-advised tax initiative for California’s November ballot just put up another $2 million for signature gathering. The only reason this initiative has the little public credibility it has is due to the California PTA supporting it. I’ve previously posted about what a big mistake they’re making (see Mutual Assured Destruction […]

Boy, It’s Gotta Be Getting Clear To The CA PTA That They Picked The Wrong Horse To Ride

Billionaire Molly Munger continues to escalate her effort to cause damage and destruction to California’s public education system. One’s gotta think that leaders in the California PTA must be regretting their decision to tie their fortunes to hers. One can only hope that they decide to salvage some of their credibility by withdrawing from their […]

Does The PTA Really Have Any Power In CA Prop 38 Campaign?

Besides Molly Munger’s millions of dollars, support from the California PTA is the only thing giving her initiative any kind of political respectability. And the PTA has vowed to refrain from attacks on Governor Brown’s Prop 30. However, as the Sacramento Bee reported this morning, Molly Munger calls Jerry Brown’s ads ‘utterly deceptive,’ plans to […]

Will PTA Step-In To Stop “Murder-Suicide Pact” That Could Devastate California Schools?

I’ve written extensively about the potentially devastating impact actions being taken by billionaire Molly Munger, supported by the California PTA, could have on our schools. Munger and the PTA refused to step away from their ballot measure to raise funds for schools and support one pushed by Governor Brown. I think the PTA’s move is […]