California PTA Makes Huge Political Mistake

As regular readers know, I’m a big supporter of the PTA and the role it plays, and the potential role it can play, in helping families, schools and neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, as I’ve written before (see Molly Munger, The PTA & The Shoe Button Complex), the California PTA has made a huge political miscalculation by becoming just about the only ally billionaire Molly Munger has in her doomed-to-fail state initiative to raise taxes to support schools.

And the PTA has continued its support of Munger even when she tries to torpedo Governor Brown’s competing initiative to support schools (which is supported by just about everyone else in the education community). Happily, today the courts ruled against Munger in her latest attack on the Governor’s plan.

Every poll shows the Governor’s initiative is holding a lead, though a tenuous one, though just today the consulting firm that led the successful fight last month to defeat a tobacco tax increase announced they would lead the campaign against the Governor’s initiative. And every poll shows that Munger’s initiative is losing and has absolutely no chance of winning.

Everyday the California PTA gives Munger political “cover” means that the PTA will lose political credibility for years to come.

If they dump Munger now, though, even though it’s unlikely someone like her would fold her tent and walk away, it would at least take the wind out of her sails and minimize the negative political impact her campaign will have on the Governor’s initiative.

What can the California PTA be thinking?

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