Molly Munger Initiates “Murder-Suicide” Pact To Devastate CA Schools

Here in California, billionaire Molly Munger began running ads, apparently with the California PTA’s support, supporting her doomed-to-fail initiative and attacking the Governor and teacher-supported initiative that actually has a chance to win and providing monies to public schools.

You can read all about it at today’s post at Ed Source, Munger-funded “compare and contrast” ad criticizes Prop. 30.

I’ve written a lot about this issue, and how it’s like a murder-suicide pact.

I’ve also written about how I had come around to encouraging a “yes” vote on both initiatives.

I’ve got to say I’m now having second thoughts about that position. And, as a big advocate of teachers and parents working together to support education, I’m doubly disappointed that the California PTA will emerge from this campaign as a much-weakened organization with little political credibility

One thought on “Molly Munger Initiates “Murder-Suicide” Pact To Devastate CA Schools

  1. Prop 38 is the only initiative that helps restore funding after $20 billion cut from education over the last four years. CA is currently 47th in the nation in what we spend per pupil. The governor’s budget will make us dead last.

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