Will PTA Step-In To Stop “Murder-Suicide Pact” That Could Devastate California Schools?

I’ve written extensively about the potentially devastating impact actions being taken by billionaire Molly Munger, supported by the California PTA, could have on our schools. Munger and the PTA refused to step away from their ballot measure to raise funds for schools and support one pushed by Governor Brown. I think the PTA’s move is a big mistake in many ways but I ultimately came to the conclusion that supporters of public education in California should vote “yes” on them both.

I invited the California P.T.A. to respond to several questions recently on this blog, and its President, Carol Kocivar, graciously accepted the opportunity. In one of her answers, she stated that they would not publicly attack the Governor’s initiative.

Today, The Sacramento Bee wrote about new ads being financed by Munger doing just that. Bee columnist Dan Walters described the outcome as a “murder-suicide pact” that could kill both initiatives.

Will the California PTA step-in to stop Munger?

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