Sacramento Bee Calls On CA PTA To Contain Molly Munger

The campaign to fund or, in Molly Munger’s case, de-fund public education in California continues.

Here are some excerpts from today’s Sacramento Bee’s editorial:

The California PTA and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson are the most prominent supporters of Munger’s Proposition 38. On Wednesday, Torlakson called on Munger to cease the attack. The PTA ought to do the same. If she continues, they ought to consider dropping their support for Proposition 38…

This murder-suicide will help no one, least of all the kids both sides claim to want to help.

What was Munger’s response this afternoon?

Tax proponent Molly Munger said Thursday she plans to fund her Proposition 38 efforts up to Election Day and has no reason to back away from an ad critical of Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax campaign.

For what it’s worth, and it probably isn’t worth very much, I’m no longer supporting both Proposition 38 and 30. I will only vote for Proposition 30.

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