“Florida PTA Urges State to Make Changes to School Accountability System”

Florida PTA Urges State to Make Changes to School Accountability System is the headline of an Ed Week post. Here’s an excerpt: The Florida PTA issued a press release this week asking lawmakers and state Department of Education officials for the following: Proper field-testing and test development in areas that mirror Florida’s diverse demographics; A […]

Parent Trigger Legislation Fails Again In Florida

I’ve published multiple posts about the parent trigger in Florida — both its defeat last year and its expected success this year. However, instead, it was defeated today. Here are some articles describing what happened: ‘Parent trigger’ legislation fails in Florida Senate is from The Washington Post. Florida ‘Parent Trigger’ Law Fails—Again is from Education […]

Florida’s Parent Trigger Proponents Claims Rated As “False” By PolitiFact — Bill Not Written In “The West Wing”

Earlier this week, Florida’s parent trigger proponents couldn’t find a parent to appear at their press conference. Now, the legislator sponsoring the bill is claiming support from the highest levels in the Democratic Party. Read the highly-respective Tampa Bay Times PolitiFact feature’s rating their claims as “False”: In trying to persuade Democrats to support his […]

Florida Education Commissioner Comes Out Against Parent Trigger

Conservative Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett has announced his opposition to a proposed parent trigger law because: the proposal gives the state too much power and creates too much red tape for parents. It’s a very interesting article. Here’s another excerpt: But Bennett wrote that the proposal “seems to require an overly burdensome process for […]

Florida PTA Receives National Honor For Helping Stop Parent Trigger

The Florida PTA has just been given the National PTA Outstanding State Advocacy Award for its successful fight against the parent trigger last year. Here’s what the National PTA says: The Florida PTA is being honored for their comprehensive advocacy campaign related to Florida’s Parent Empowerment Bill. Florida PTA’s success was rooted in the concept […]

Parent Trigger Proposal Defeated In Florida

I’ve previously posted about the parent trigger proposal in the Florida legislature. Happily, the trigger continues its descent into irrelevancy since the Florida bill was defeated today. Here are a few articles about its defeat: Why Florida’s parent trigger bill failed in state Senate is by Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post. Tense fight over […]

Bill Proposed To Grade Parents — What’s In Florida’s Drinking Water?

A legislator in Florida is proposing a bill that would have teachers grade their student’s parents on their school participation. Now, THAT would really do wonders for teacher-parent relationships… Linda Perlstein has a good piece exploring the consequences of such a bill. If you combine this crazy scheme with all the other unhelpful ideas Governor […]