Florida’s Parent Trigger Proponents Claims Rated As “False” By PolitiFact — Bill Not Written In “The West Wing”

Earlier this week, Florida’s parent trigger proponents couldn’t find a parent to appear at their press conference. Now, the legislator sponsoring the bill is claiming support from the highest levels in the Democratic Party.

Read the highly-respective Tampa Bay Times PolitiFact feature’s rating their claims as “False”:

In trying to persuade Democrats to support his parent trigger bill, Trujillo said, “This legislation was drafted by President Obama’s top advisers. It was drafted by President Clinton’s top advisers.” He makes it sound as if the legislation were written in the West Wing.

Parent groups, unions and activists may disagree vehemently on the bill, but they sound in agreement on one thing: The concept was not drafted by “top advisers” to Clinton and Obama. The people who had a hand in creating the legislation would more accurately be described as supporters of Obama and Clinton, not “top advisers.” We rate his statement False.

Thanks to Alexander Russo for the tip.

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