Florida Education Commissioner Comes Out Against Parent Trigger

Conservative Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett has announced his opposition to a proposed parent trigger law because:

the proposal gives the state too much power and creates too much red tape for parents.

It’s a very interesting article. Here’s another excerpt:

But Bennett wrote that the proposal “seems to require an overly burdensome process for parents to navigate when working to improve their child’s school.” Instead, he wrote, local school board officials should be held responsible if they ignore parents’ wishes.

“Simply put, if a group of concerned parents, no matter how large, shows up at a school board meeting or calls board members on the phone, those school board members have a duty to carefully consider what those parents have to offer. Parents should have a say, and it should count more than anyone else’s, regardless of a formal petition process,” Bennett wrote.

I haven’t seen the full letter, but those are very good points.

Thanks to Alexander Russo for the tip.

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