“Online Videos Aim to Help Parents Make Sense of Common Core”

Online Videos Aim to Help Parents Make Sense of Common Core is a good Education Week post over a 120 video collection (in English and Spanish) put out by Great Schools to help parents understand the new Common Core Standards.

It looks like you call also see them on YouTube. Here’s their introduction:

I’m adding this info to The Best Resources For Talking To Parents About The Common Core Standards.

Three Useful Parent Engagement Videos

Here are three parent engagement-related videos from The Annenberg Institute:

This next video is a trailer for Vision To Victory, described this way:

Through the voices and stories of parents, youth, teachers, organizers, and advocates, Vision to Victory: An Education Roadmap for a New Mayor tells the story of how New York City parents, youth, teachers, and community members joined together to make the 2013 mayoral race an education election, pushing all the mayoral candidates to make the community’s education priorities their own.


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“Trying to Close a Knowledge Gap, Word by Word”

Trying to Close a Knowledge Gap, Word by Word is an article and video from The New York Times that gives a pretty good over of research, concerns and potential strategies related to the “word gap.”

It includes discussion about the Rhode Island that’s inserting recording devices into children’s clothing, which I have previously posted about skeptically (though I’ve tried to maintain an open mind).

You can find those posts, as well as others, at The Best Resources For Learning About The “Word Gap.”