One thought on “Florida “Parental Report Card Bill Dead” — For This Year

  1. I think this is a fantastic idea. I am a parent to two boys in CA, and a step-son in Florida. Our son in Florida has missed so much school in the last 3 years and no one will help us. Missing 34 days in Kindergarten, 25 days and 20 tardies in his 2nd year of Kindergarten, 20 days and 42 tardies in 1st grade, and 16 days in 2nd grade with 26 tardies, leaves with the feeling that something should be done.

    We have contacted superintendent, and all they do is send us some patronizing letter saying they will help us. Doesn’t work. As long as the Mother sends a note to school it is excused. Although we have a “court-order” stipulating that he needs a Dr’s note for every absence, it does not happen.

    Parent’s are contributing to the deliquency of Minors when they choose not to get their kids to school. I find it extremely irresponsible of parents to think that it is ok to allow your child to stay home.

    You have a much harder time to be successful in this world when your parents are not vested in your success in school.

    Teachers do not want to get involved or participate in the craziness of parents, they want to teach their children.

    What a shame this is DEAD!!

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