Los Angeles School District Approves New Parent Trigger Rules While Legislature Possibly Prohibits Law’s Use Next Year

The Los Angeles Times reports on new rules devised by the Los Angeles School Board to deal with problems in how the parent trigger law has been implemented, and they look pretty reasonable. Ironically, at just about the same time they were making those changes, the California Legislature was passing a bill that would reduce […]

Great Parent Trigger Post By Diane Ravitch

I’ve previously posted in my other blog about controversy regarding wording recently used in a blog post about the parent trigger by Diane Ravitch. It appears that some people in public life have remarkably thin skin. Diane has just posted a must-read response to the “uproar.” Check out My Reply to Ben Austin’s Open Letter […]

“Refining ‘parent trigger’ “

Refining ‘parent trigger’ is the headline of a Los Angeles Times editorial that highlights a problem in California’s parent trigger law that has long been an issue for many of us: If enough parents sign a petition to initiate the trigger, only the parents who actually signed the petition get to vote on what happens […]

Arne Duncan & The Parent Trigger

I’ve previously posted about Education Secretary Duncan’s fuzzy support of the parent trigger (Does Arne Duncan Support The Parent Trigger?). He made his position a little bit clearer yesterday in a speech. You can read more about it at Update: Duncan Endorses Parent Trigger — Sort Of (by Alexander Russo), and also be sure to […]

Parent Trigger Legislation Fails Again In Florida

I’ve published multiple posts about the parent trigger in Florida — both its defeat last year and its expected success this year. However, instead, it was defeated today. Here are some articles describing what happened: ‘Parent trigger’ legislation fails in Florida Senate is from The Washington Post. Florida ‘Parent Trigger’ Law Fails—Again is from Education […]

Parent Trigger “Round-Up”

The Parent Trigger has been in the news a lot over the past few days. Here’s a list of links: Public Schools, Private Agendas: Parent Revolution is from LA Progressive. Parents choose unique school takeover model in ‘trigger’ vote is from the Hechinger Report. The dark side of Parent Trigger is from The Miami Herald.