Los Angeles School District Approves New Parent Trigger Rules While Legislature Possibly Prohibits Law’s Use Next Year

The Los Angeles Times reports on new rules devised by the Los Angeles School Board to deal with problems in how the parent trigger law has been implemented, and they look pretty reasonable.

Ironically, at just about the same time they were making those changes, the California Legislature was passing a bill that would reduce or eliminate the use of standardized testing for this coming year. Though I don’t believe the legislature devoted any thought on how it might affect the parent trigger, it appears that — if it’s signed into law — its implementation might result in the inability to use the parent trigger law next year because it would result in no legal way to label a “failing” school that would be eligible for takeover (since that determination is based on test scores).

Of course, if that is a side-effect of the wise move by the legislature, I just consider it “gravy.”

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