Just What We Need: Another Film About The Parent Trigger

Not content with having one movie about the parent trigger flop, proponents are now unveiling another.

We The Parents is a new documentary about the failed Parent Revolution effort to use the parent trigger in Compton, California. Thanks to Alexander Russo, I’ve embedded the video below. Here’s what Variety says about the movie:

“We the Parents” usefully focuses on a few impassionated mom-activists — who encounter surprising hostility from some other parents, as well as bureaucrats — while including input from various public office-holders, journalists and other outside viewpoints. Yet notably, no McKinley teachers are interviewed (were they really so incompetent? What systemic factors were they up against?), and the film doesn’t address the accusations of union busting that Parent Revolution stirred.

We The Parents – Trailer from James Takata on Vimeo.

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