Is Spending $20 Million On Parent Centers In L.A. The Best Way To Increase Parent Engagement?

Today, The Los Angeles Times published an article headlined LAUSD parent centers aim to boost involvement at schools. It reports on plans to spend $20 million to “upgrade” parent centers in the District. The article discusses a positive report on parent centers from the LAUSD “Inspector General.” I’d like to share my thoughts in two […]

I’m Not Convinced New Houston Parent “Super Centers” Are The Way To Go…

The Houston School District has been touting the creation of five new “parent super centers” with computers. I’ve previously posted about my reservations about these kinds of centers: I generally don’t tend to be a big fan of these kinds of parent centers because they are often well-intentioned efforts to “do to” parents (involvement) instead […]

Parents In Detroit

Last month, I posted about an organization called the Detroit Parent Network, and how they were likely to get a major contract from the Detroit Public Schools to coordinate parent involvement for the district. That contract has indeed come to pass, and they’re opening seven “parent centers.” From what I read, the Parent Network sounds […]

Is SayingThat You Have A New Flat Screen TV Really A Way To Show That Parents Are Connected To Your School?

Groups that want to run up to thirty schools in Los Angeles have begun making their presentations to the Los Angeles School Board. The Mayor’s organization, Partnership For Los Angeles Schools, now runs twelve schools and is competing for some of the schools that are “up for bid.” According to the Los Angeles Times, they […]