“L.A. Unified board OKs new parent center at Miramonte Elementary”

L.A. Unified board OKs new parent center at Miramonte Elementary is the headline of a story in today’s Los Angeles Times.

That school is the site of the horrible situation where two teachers have been charged with molesting students, and where the entire teaching staff was removed (apparently without checking first with parents and, in my opinion, without really thinking it all through first).

I’m generally not a big fan of these kinds of parent centers, and think the money (in this case, $150,000) can be spent better in other areas.

Also, I’ve got to wonder how many parents actually participated in the decision to create the center. If the District realized their mistake of removing the teachers without parent consultation and tried to learn from it by wide-scale engagement with families, and then the families decided they wanted the center, that would be one thing. There are certainly some communities where those sorts of services are not available anywhere else.

However, if this is just another “top-down” decision by the District as part of a PR campaign, that would be a different story.

Anyone know anything more?

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