Family Engagement Framework Released By California — Yawn….

I learned yesterday from Steve Constantino that California had just published a “Family Engagement Framework.”

The California Department of Education describes it this way:

The Framework describes 18 principles that are essential for family and community involvement with the school district. These principles are grouped into five action areas to: (1) help school districts build the skills and confidence of parents, (2) demonstrate leadership, (3) use resources, (4) monitor progress, and (5) ensure access and equity for everyone. Specific actions to engage families and the community are described for each principle, ranging from basic to progressive to innovative. The Framework is outlined in a way to help school districts evaluate their progress and plan for improvements.

With all due respect, though, I’d have to say that it pretty much reads like a typical bureaucratic government report, devoid of stories of successes. I predict few schools will spend any time looking at its recommendations.

On the other hand, though, pages 39 through 49 provides one of the best overviews of parent involvement/engagement research that you’ll find. It also includes an excellent review of related literature. That review stands out because it gives useful excerpts from each one and doesn’t just offer a dry list of them.

I’m adding it to “The Best Research Available On Parent Engagement.”

I hope the state education task force that I serve on (about a different education topic) comes up with a report that is more likely to be read….

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