The Best Parent Engagement Resources For Immigrant Families

Since one of the sections in our new book on teaching ELLs will be on working with families, I thought it would be useful to pull together all the related resources I have on the topic and put them in one “Best” list.

You can find all my parent engagement-related “Best” lists here, and also access my Engaging Parents In School blog.

Here are my picks:

The Best Places Where Students Can Tell Their – And/Or Their Families – Immigration Story

The Best Practical Resources For Helping Teachers, Students & Families Respond To Immigration Challenges

The Best Posts On The Migration Policy Institute Report On Engaging Immigrant Parents

My Best Posts, Articles & Interviews On Parent Engagement

The Best Student Projects That Need Family Engagement — Contribute Your Lessons!

The Best Multilingual Resources For Parents

Involving Latino Parents in Homework is a nice practical post from ASCD Express.

En Camino: Educational Toolkit For Families is a series of free online “modules,” available in both English and Spanish, designed to help answer parent and student questions about college. It’s from the National Center For Family Literacy.

Contours of the Field: Engaging Parents of English Learners is from New America.

“But What If I Don’t Know English?” is another great resource from Colorin Colorado. It ideas on how parents who don’t speak English can still help their children develop literacy skills.

ELL Parents Can Boost Their Children’s English Skills By Doing These Two Things is from Ed Week.

Study Suggests Early Learning in Native Language Can Help English Skills is from public radio.

4 Reasons Parents Should Speak Heritage Languages at Home is a very important article for teachers who have immigrant students.

How to Reach Out to Parents of ELLs is an article from Colorin Colorado that offers some useful advice.

Parent–Teacher Conference Tip Sheets (Hojas de Consejos Para Las Reuniones de Padres y Maestros) are two hand-outs — one in English and one in Spanish — that “are designed to support educators and families in conducting productive, successful parent-teacher conferences.” They’re from the Harvard Family Research Project.

Engaging English Language Learner Families

“Here Are Text Messages We’re Sending Home To ELL Students & Parents – Share Your Ideas”

Lesli Maxwell over at Education Week has written a good summary post, Immigrant Paradox Less Consistent in Young Children, Study Finds, about a study related to English Language Learners. The study itself is lengthy, but has an interesting section on immigrant parents and schools. I was going to copy and paste that section because it’s pretty short, but it unfortunately is “protected” and won’t allow that action. So, just go to the study link and you’ll find the family involvement section on page 10 and 11. It’s worth a visit.

To Help Language-Learners, Extend Aid to Their Families Too, New Study Argues is an important post from Ed Week’s Learning The Language blog.

Here’s how it begins:

A new report from the Center for American Progress makes the case that communities looking to improve education for school-aged English-language learners should also offer services to their parents.

The study, “The Case for a Two-Generation Approach for Educating English Language Learners,” finds that limited English skills for parents and students “can create a poverty trap for families” and argues that engaging them simultaneously improves the academic and educational well-being of both generations.

Tech: A language translator allows districts to reach out to ELLs is from District Administration.

Can You Translate That? New App Allows Parents, Teachers to Bridge Language Divide is from 74.

Multilingual Texting Platform Aims to Help Schools Engage All Families is from Education World.

The Race to Translate: Which Parent Communication Tool Will Reign Supreme? is from EdSurge.

Schools are under federal pressure to translate for immigrant parents is from The Hechinger Report.

Parent Guide for English Learners—English and Spanish versions is from Education Northwest.

The barriers keeping immigrant parents from getting involved in their kids’ education is from Vox.

Tips for Connecting With Non-English-Speaking Parents is from Ed Week.

Honoring Our Families’ Immigrant Narratives is from Edutopia.

Building Relationships With Families of ELLs is from my Ed Week column.

Home-School Connections Help ELLs and Their Parents is from Ed Week.

Growing Up with Undocumented Parents: The Challenges Children Face is from New America.

Latino Parents Value College More Than Anybody Else is Take Part.

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