The Best Posts On The Migration Policy Institute Report On Engaging Immigrant Parents

I’ve shared a number of reports on a recent Migration Policy Institute report on engaging immigrant parents.

I don’t think it shares anything that is particularly new to educators who work with immigrant students and their families, but it does bring a lot of useful information together in one place.

Here are analyses of the report:

Building on Immigrants’ Strengths to Improve Their Children’s Early Education is by Conor Williams.

Both NPR and Ed Week published pieces detailing the report.

The barriers keeping immigrant parents from getting involved in their kids’ education is the headline of a Vox article on the recent Migration Policy Institute report.

It pretty much goes over the same points those other pieces shared – except for how it ended:

But the report doesn’t mention the elephant in the room: it’s harder for unauthorized immigrant parents to get engaged in their kids’ educations. When parents are worried that any contact with a government employee will lead to their deportation, they’re much less likely to show up to parent-teacher conferences or have long talks with Head Start supervisors. That’s especially true when schools make an effort to make unauthorized immigrant parents feel unwelcome, by requiring them to get fingerprinted or show legal ID when they arrive at the school. And it can be exacerbated when federal immigration agents wait outside schools so that they can arrest parents after they’ve dropped off their children.

I’ll add this “Best” list to my other parent engagement-related ones.

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