Video: “Parents, Teachers and Community Take Back Their Schools”

I just received this from writer and organizer Leigh Dingerson:

I wanted to share a good, new, 4 minute video about the series of town halls that have been held across the country, hosted by community-based groups and teacher union locals. This is a project that was launched last summer by the AFT and a coalition of community organizing groups. The hope is that, through these first-step meetings, organized parents and organized teachers will come together and begin building a common agenda for change. I’ve been to four of the town halls, and I have to say, they’ve been inspiring. There is so much work still to do, so much mistrust to unpeel in some cities. But these events have gotten conversations started. And in some places, we’re already starting to see some collaborative work.

A meeting of host organizations from around the country is coming together for April to think about next steps. The real next steps are always local, of course.

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