New Issue Of Harvard Parent Involvement Newsletter

The Harvard Family Research Project has just published the latest issue of their parent involvement issue newsletter. Here’s how they describe it:

Happy New Year! In this issue of the FINE Newsletter, we discuss how innovative approaches and tools—including digital media—are helping to transform family engagement and better enable families, schools, and community-based organizations to share responsibility for student learning.

In this issue’s HFRP Commentary, we explore how families, schools, and community-based organizations are demonstrating their commitment to a shared responsibility model of family engagement. Among the approaches we spotlight are ways that educators are using digital media tools to connect with families and share information about student progress. These connections help parents play a meaningful role in supporting their child’s learning. In this issue’s Guest Commentary, GreatSchools founder and CEO Bill Jackson offers a vision for the future of family engagement in which parents demand more from both the educational system and themselves in order to help prepare their children for a complex, globally-connected workforce.

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