“Home Visits Lifted Up as Best Practice by U.S. Department of Education”

I’ve written a lot about the Parent-Teacher Home Visit Project, including our school’s — and my — active involvement in it (see The Best Resources For Learning About Teacher Home Visits). I’ve also posted about the U.S Department of Education’s “Parent and Community Engagement Framework,” which they released in April and which talks about home […]

Guest Post: Report From The National Family Engagement Conference

I’ve previously published short reports on last month’s National Family Engagement Conference. Today, Carrie Rose, Executive Director of the Parent-Teacher Home Visit Project, has written this guest post about it: Parent-Teacher Home Visits Fit DOE’s Vision Researcher Karen L. Mapp lifts up PTHVP in Family Engagement Framework CINCINNATI- Back in the day, did your grandma […]

“The Power of Family-School-Community Partnerships”

The Power of Family School Community Partnerships: A Training Resource Manual is a pretty big packet, including a PowerPoint, from the NEA Priority Schools Campaign. Here’s how they describe it: Drawing upon decades of research, the Manual provides simple, but provocative, strategies for uncovering what gets in the way of partnering and outlines clear paths […]

“Molly Munger puts $2 million more into California tax measure”

The multimillionaire (billionaire) supporting an ill-advised tax initiative for California’s November ballot just put up another $2 million for signature gathering. The only reason this initiative has the little public credibility it has is due to the California PTA supporting it. I’ve previously posted about what a big mistake they’re making (see Mutual Assured Destruction […]

Family Literacy Project Update

Regular readers are probably familiar with the internationally-recognized Family Literacy Project we have at our school that provides computers and home internet access to immigrant families. They, in turn, use the technology for English language development activities. We have also worked with the Sacramento Mutual Housing Association (SMHA) to expand the project to their affordable […]

“Engaging Parents & the Community in Schooling”

ASCD, one of my favorite professional development organizations, has just put out a call for contributions on the topic “Engaging Parents & the Community in Schooling.” Here is their announcement: ASCD Express is looking for short, 600 to 1,000-word essays on the theme “Engaging Parents and the Community in Schooling.” The theme description is below, […]

Providing Families With Free Computers & Internet Access In The UK

I’ve written about the family literacy project at our school where we provide computers and home internet access to immigrant families to help with English language development. This effort was developed together by families and school staff. I recently learned about a a government program in the United Kingdom called Home Access. This is how […]