Mutual Assured Destruction Is Not A Good Political Strategy For School Funding

Regular readers know that I support, and have a great deal of respect for, the PTA. However, I’ve previously written about what I believe to be a critical strategic mistake they are making in supporting a tax initiative here in California that is different from the one proposed by Governor Brown (see Great Parent Engagement Idea — Not So Good Execution).

Unfortunately, things seem to be getting worse.

The multimillionaire (billionaire?) the PTA has hitched their wagon to has announced that not only is she continuing the campaign for her initiative, but it appears she may start an advertising campaign attacking the governor’s plan — supported by both major teacher’s unions — for not supporting education enough.

Mutual Assured Destruction might have worked for nuclear deterrence, but I doubt that it will result in increased funding for schools. The PTA supported plan is losing in the polls, while the Governor’s plan is substantially ahead. If the PTA’s effort results in the Governor’s plan going down to defeat, their credibility as an effective political force that has good political judgment will be in tatters.

I hope they cut their financial benefactor loose and, instead, make a deal with the Governor.


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