Newark School Fiasco Continues For Students & Parents

I’ve written a number of previous posts about the on-going fiasco at Newark schools, and it isn’t getting any better.

Some very understandable angry and furstrated parents called for a boycott on the first day of school last week, and there is some effort to make it a long-term one.

I don’t know the details on the ground there, but I do have to say from my community organizing experience that there is a long history of failed school boycotts (apart from one-day boycotts, which can be an effective show of strength with sufficient support) — they are generally just too difficult to maintain with parent work commitments and legal issues.

It does sound like the boycott of the first day had some success. I have to wonder, though, about the wisdom of trying to continue it.

Here’ are articles about the boycott:

Parents open ‘Freedom School,’ continue boycott of One Newark reorganization plan is from a New Jersey TV station.

Newark Schools Open, But Some Parents Boycott Over New Enrollment Program is from CBS New York.

Newark parents settle in for boycott is from Politico.

The Illusionist is by Bob Braun.

Newark superintendent urges parents not to boycott is from The Associated Press.

Parent Frustration Over Newark Student-Enrollment Plan Mounts is from Ed Week.

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