Feds Open Civil Rights Investigation Into What’s Going On In Newark

I’ve published quite a few posts about the craziness that’s been going on in Newark schools — the misuse of Zukerberg’s millions in donations, their “Twilight Zonish” perspective on parent engagement, their banning of a parent leader from school grounds. Well, now the U.S. Department of Education has begun an investigation: The deeply flawed state […]

Newark: The Model Of How NOT To Do Parent Engagement (& A Whole Lot Of Other Ed-Related Things)

I’ve previously published a number of posts about the ed-insanity going on in Newark — including, but not limited to, parent engagement efforts. Here’s the latest from Bob Braun in Cami to Newark parents: Don’t worry, we know best: Pity the parents of Newark’s public school children. Many are unsure where their children will attend […]

Newark Parents Revolt

I’ve been posting about some wild stuff happening in Newark recently. It got even wilder last night when hundreds of parents and educators protested actions being taken by the state-appointed school superintendent. Read about what happened here and here. It sounds like the superintendent is being very successful in getting parents engaged….in organizing against her.

The Best Posts & Articles For Learning About Newark’s $100 Million From Facebook

Last year, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced a $100 million contribution to Newark schools, and made a public commitment to parent and community engagement. I’ve written a lot since that time about how that second part hasn’t worked out real well. It’s great that they recognized the importance of speaking to parents. However but just sending […]

Newark Continues To Show The World How NOT To Do Parent Involvement/Engagement

I’ve been writing about the fiasco the Newark “community outreach” project has been. One of the consequences of poorly done efforts like Newark’s and the parent trigger strategy is that it begins to pit parent against parent. Check out Meeting about Newark superintendent search turns into shouting match over charter schools. Thanks to Kevin Jarrett […]

More On Newark

I’ve previously posted about my deep skepticism about the parent outreach efforts that are being done in Newark with the recent huge grant that was received. Here are some recent articles about the effort that have appeared in the media: A Deeper Look at the Newark, NJ Public Schools and the Zuckerberg Donation by Dana […]

Update On Newark’s Use Of Facebook Money

I’ve previously raised concerns about how the $100 million donation by Facebook’s founder to Newark schools is being used, specifically it’s misguided parent and community outreach efforts. I’m not alone in raising those questions. PENewark outreach to reform Newark schools is a waste of time, money, critics say is a recent local newspaper article describing […]

Newark Update

I’ve previously posted about my deep skepticism about the “outreach” campaign being done in Newark with the $100 million dollar grant from Facebook’s founder (see Facebook Money Used To Talk To Parents — Uh Oh). I continue to have the same concerns. I did think, though, that readers might be interested in this recent local […]