Hyperbole Alert! Now Parents Who Opt-Out Of Testing Are The Same As Parents Who Opt-Out Of Vaccinations

I’ve previously published a number of posts about the effort to collect and distribute student data and the campaign to have parents opt-out of having their children take standardized tests.

Now, the director of the Data Quality Campaign (funded by – who else — Gates) is bringing the two together by claiming that parents who opt-out of tests and, therefore, make that data unavailable, are equivalent to parents who don’t get their kids vaccinated and put everybody else’s kids in danger.

Come on, now. I think it’s possible to have a very reasonable discussion on the pros and cons — both in substance and in strategy — on data collection and opting-out of tests.

But ridiculous hyperbole likes this gives the appearance that some “reformers” might be feeling a bit defensive and desperate these days….

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