inBloom Officially Folds, Blaming Everybody But Itself & Its Funders For Failure

I’ve chronicled the ongoing fiasco of the Gates Foundation-founded-and-financed inBloom student data-vacuuming service called inBloom (see The Best Posts On The inBloom Data Fiasco). As usual, these guys never bothered asking parents and teachers what they thought before they initiated their bright idea and, now that today they announced its dissolution, they’re blaming everybody but […]

A Thorough Obituary Of inBloom

A couple of days ago I wrote inBloom Is On Its Deathbed & No Tears Are Shed about the parent-opposed data-gathering fiasco known as inBloom. The Hechinger Report has since written a much more thorough obituary of inBloom, The fate of big data after inBloom. I’m adding it to The Best Posts On The inBloom […]

“Federal Data-Privacy Guidelines Urge Better Communication With Parents”

Federal Data-Privacy Guidelines Urge Better Communication With Parents is a new post over at Education Week. Here’s how it begins: The tug-of-war over student data privacy continues. Friday, the U.S. Department of Education released new, non-binding guidance containing suggestions for schools and districts to better inform parents about how their children’s sensitive educational data is […]

“Big Brother: Meet the Parents”

Big Brother: Meet the Parents is an article at Politico. Here’s an excerpt: A months-long review by POLITICO of student privacy issues, including dozens of interviews, found the parent privacy lobby gaining momentum — and catching big-data advocates off guard. Initially dismissed as a fringe campaign, the privacy movement has attracted powerful allies on both […]

Hyperbole Alert! Now Parents Who Opt-Out Of Testing Are The Same As Parents Who Opt-Out Of Vaccinations

I’ve previously published a number of posts about the effort to collect and distribute student data and the campaign to have parents opt-out of having their children take standardized tests. Now, the director of the Data Quality Campaign (funded by – who else — Gates) is bringing the two together by claiming that parents who […]

“Deciding Who Sees Students’ Data”

Deciding Who Sees Students’ Data is a fairly lengthy article in The New York Times about the inBloom data collection system, which I’ve written about in previous posts. Here’s an excerpt: Yet, for all of inBloom’s neutral-sounding intentions, industry analysts say it has stirred some parents’ fears about the potential for mass-scale surveillance of students. […]