“Engaging Fathers in Education”

Engaging Fathers in Education is a nice post by Kevin Bennett over at the Teaching Channel.

You definitely want to read the entire post, but here are his suggested “tips”:

1. Don’t assume all fathers are the same. By predetermining what role a father should play in the school community, we inadvertently place them in a box which doesn’t allow them to be active participants in the process. Talk to fathers and hear their ideas.

2. Value multiple perspectives. Invite fathers to have a voice and share what is most important for their child. A father’s understanding and mind-set matters and sometimes provides a different perspective from the mother’s. These multiple perspectives can give students the skills they need to create their own successes.

3. Actively target fathers in communication and events. Don’t just call fathers for discipline issues, but call to share stories of academic successes. Reach out to invite them to volunteer in the classroom, chaperone field trips, or attend special events.

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