“Father-figure engagement making difference…”

Father-figure engagement making difference at Tahoe elementary school is the headline of a short article in a local California newspaper about a father-involvement program. What’s intriguing about it is that it is apparently part of a national program promoting father-involvement in schools called Watch D.O.G.S. from The National Center For Fathering. I have heard of […]

“Engaging Fathers in Education”

Engaging Fathers in Education is a nice post by Kevin Bennett over at the Teaching Channel. You definitely want to read the entire post, but here are his suggested “tips”: 1. Don’t assume all fathers are the same. By predetermining what role a father should play in the school community, we inadvertently place them in a […]

“A Cure for Hyper-Parenting”

A Cure for Hyper-Parenting is a thought-provoking column in The New York Times that might be worth sharing and discussing at a parents meeting sometime. Here’s an excerpt: Don’t just parent for the future, parent for this evening. Your child probably won’t get into the Ivy League or win a sports scholarship. At age 24, […]

I Think This School Needs To Rethink How They Relate To Parents: “Parents reprimanded for taking children out of school for family funeral”

Parents reprimanded for taking children out of school for family funeral is the headline of an article in the British newspaper, The Telegraph. Here’s how it begins: Two parents have received a written warning after their children missed school to attend their grandfather’s funeral. Andrew and Danielle Overend-Hogg were told that their children, aged nine, […]

I Don’t Think Fining Parents For Taking Students Out Of School For A Week’s Vacation Is The Best Idea….

A couple in the United Kingdom was given a substantial fine for taking their two children out of school for a one week vacation. If you read the BBC article, it certainly doesn’t sound like justice was served. Listen, I’m a teacher. It doesn’t make my job easier when parents take their kids to Mexico […]

California Survey On Parent Involvement Released

California parents on school participation is a new article in The San Francisco Chronicle. Here are some excerpts on the unsurprising results of a new survey: Wealthy parents are more likely to make cookies for bake sales, volunteer in classrooms and be otherwise involved in their children’s schools than lower-income mothers and fathers. That’s the […]

“Houston Dad Learns Valuable Lessons Volunteering at School”

Houston Dad Learns Valuable Lessons Volunteering at School is a good post over at Education Week about a group emphasizing getting fathers involved in schools. Here’s an excerpt: Watch D.O.G.S. is a K-12 father-engagement initiative run by the National Center for Fathering in Kansas City, Mo. Two fathers in Springdale, Ark., founded the program following […]

Study: Different Ways Parents Relate To Children’s Academics Depending On Gender

Parental Involvement and Children’s School Achievement is a new study from Canada that looked a parent involvement through a “lens” that I haven’s seen other research use — gender. Here’s a portion of their summary: Fathers’ academic pressure was predictive of lower achievement, whereas mothers’ encouragement and sup-port predicted higher achievement. Both parents used more […]

This Week’s Parent Teacher Chat On Twitter

Guest Post by Joe Mazza Upcoming #PTchat: J.Michael Hall Joins #PTchat to Share Ideas on How to Engage Dads in Education Wed., 5/23 9PM EDT What Father Can Do at Home, School & In the Community Fathers can initiate or participate in activities that help their children succeed academically. Helping children learn can increase success in […]