Hmmmmmm….PTA & Amazon Kindle Launch Partnership

The National PTA has just announced a partnership with Amazon Kindle:

The National PTA® today announced Amazon Kindle will be the exclusive sponsor of a new Family Reading Experience program to be hosted by local PTAs in cities across the United States. Throughout 2013, the National PTA and Kindle will work together to encourage family involvement with their children’s reading.

It seems to me that this next sentence is the most important part of the press release:

As the “Official E-reader of the National PTA,” Amazon Kindle will donate Kindles for the National PTA to distribute to PTAs in low-income or at-risk schools.

Now, if they’re talking about giving away tens of thousands of Kindles, along with technical support for them and coordinate follow-up with teachers of students from the families receiving them, this could really have quite an impact (you can read about our experience in providing computers and home internet access to families).

Or, even if this was much smaller and was considered a serious pilot project to potentially expand to that kind of size, then it could really be worthwhile.

I contacted the PTA to find out how many Kindles Amazon was going to give away. They passed my email to an Amazon public relations person who sent me this response:

While we aren’t disclosing details of our business relationship, sets of Kindles will be donated to low-income or at-risk schools that commit to hosting Family Reading Experience events. We’ll be sharing additional details in the future.


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