This Week’s #PTchat On Twitter

Guest post by Joe Mazza

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This week’s chat hosted by Founder Zak Makamed

The Student Voice movement strives to create an international network of empowered students by providing them with the tools they need to use their voice in policy discussions. While we are students working for students, the support of adult stakeholders has enabled us to take our movement above and beyond what we could have ever anticipated. 

This chat will serve to unite the stakeholders, so that they can discuss with students ways to enhance and empower the student voice. It is time for the students not only have a voice, but also a seat at the table and we need you to help us make that happen. 

Join us on Wednesday at 9pm EDT / 6pm PST by using and following the #PTchat hashtag. Meanwhile, stand with students by joining the Student Voice movement here.

Key Twitter hashtags: #PTchat, #StuVoice

Key Twitter handles: @ZakMal, @Stu_Voice

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