My Best Posts On Parent “Academies” & “Universities”

Parent “universities” or “academies” seem to be all the rage these days, with school districts organizing these trainings typically to help parents understand how the school works. I’ve written plenty of posts about these types of programs, and have been critical of many of them. They tend to fall on the parent “involvement” side of things instead of the “engagement” side. Parents usually don’t participate in determining their content, and they don’t tend to cover any of the other important issues affecting families — it’s just the schools’ agenda.

I was reading an article from Sonoma, California, about a program that appears to get — at least, a little bit — of how to run one of these programs in the right way:

The program (Parent University in English) brings parents together for monthly discussions of their choosing, from positive discipline and couples communications to bullying and the value of video games.

That got me thinking that it might be useful to bring together a collection of my posts on the topic, including ones describing how we do it at our school.

Here are My Best Posts On Parent “Academies” & “Universities”:

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