Does Arne Duncan Support The Parent Trigger?

I’ve often published posts here and guest columns elsewhere criticizing the parent trigger.

However, I hadn’t heard until today that Education Secretary Arne Duncan supposedly supports it.

Alexander Russo tweeted out a Reuters article saying:

“The Obama administration backs parent trigger.”

Since that was new to me, I searched online to see if there were actual quotations documenting that support, but I wasn’t able to find any.

A pro-trigger group in Florida says:

“US Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan has spoken several times in favor of the Parent Trigger movement across the United States.”

However, they didn’t provide any documentation to that claim.

Based on the other policies Secretary Duncan has pushed, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he supported it. But I am surprised that I hadn’t heard of it, and that I can’t seem to find any reliable documentation of it.

Does anyone know if those claims accurate? Does he indeed support the parent trigger?

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