“After Divisive Start, Use of ‘Parent Trigger’ Law Matures”

Though I’m not impressed with Education Week’s headline, After Divisive Start, Use of ‘Parent Trigger’ Law Matures, its recent article shares some pretty useful info on the parent trigger. I especially liked this excerpt: John Rogers, an associate professor in UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, predicts the parent-trigger law may have run […]

“Texas Lawmakers Consider “Parent Trigger” Schools Law”

Texas Lawmakers Consider “Parent Trigger” Schools Law is the headline of a recent article in The Texas Tribune. Here’s how it begins: Hoping to prompt parent involvement and quicker turnarounds at struggling schools, Texas lawmakers are considering a controversial policy known as a “parent trigger” law. A state Senate panel heard testimony Thursday on legislation […]

Parent Trigger Update

Here are a couple of interesting new developments on the “parent trigger”: Ohio’s Parent-Trigger Law Has No Takers So Far is from Education Week. I’ve previously written about what was happening in Ohio at Parent Trigger Ready To Bring Chaos To Ohio Schools. Parent-Trigger Law Proponent Ben Austin Resigns From Group He Founded is also […]

One Good Thing Comes Out Of Ill-Conceived CA District NCLB Waiver: LAUSD Not Subject To Parent Trigger

The U.S. Department of Education has granted eight California school district and ill-conceived waiver from No Child Left Behind. Fortunately, our Sacramento district — one of those eight — withdrew from the group earlier this year. The whole thing is doomed to fail. However, at least one good thing has come out of it — […]

What Has Gotten In To These Guys? Now Leader Of Britain’s Labor Party Appears To Call For A “Parent Trigger”

I just don’t understand how people who consider themselves progressive here in the United States and, now, in Great Britain can support such a fundamentally undemocratic tool as the parent trigger (where a small number of parents can upend a public institution — read more at The Best Resources For Learning Why The Parent Trigger Isn’t […]

LA Times Editorial: “Fix the ‘parent trigger'”

I’ve previously published two posts on changes the LA School District is applying to parent trigger usage: “L.A. Unified seeks to end confusion and fights over parent trigger law” and Los Angeles School District Approves New Parent Trigger Rules While Legislature Possibly Prohibits Law’s Use Next Year. Somewhat surprisingly, The Los Angeles Times has now […]

Los Angeles School District Approves New Parent Trigger Rules While Legislature Possibly Prohibits Law’s Use Next Year

The Los Angeles Times reports on new rules devised by the Los Angeles School Board to deal with problems in how the parent trigger law has been implemented, and they look pretty reasonable. Ironically, at just about the same time they were making those changes, the California Legislature was passing a bill that would reduce […]