Mayor Bloomberg Insults Parents — Again

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in the news for once again insulting parents (you can read about his multiple previous efforts at New York City Mayor Insults Parents — Again).

I learned about Boomberg’s newest comments from blogger Walt Gardner, with whom I usually agree. Not this time, though. Gardner supports the Mayor’s critique of some parents “who don’t care.”

Unfortunately, though, I think Gardner misses the main point. Of course some parents don’t care — in the same way there are some really bad teachers out there, too. But just as Bloomberg focuses most of his attention on blaming those few bad teachers instead of figuring out constructive ways to support most whom want to get better, he repeats the same pattern with parents.

I wish those school reformers who focus so much time, energy and money on blame put some of it on more constructive efforts for support. As a parent leader said in response to Bloomberg’s latest snafu:

“There the mayor goes again, blaming parents,” said parent leader Zakiyah Ansari. “It’s always everyone’s fault but his.”

“He should be talking about ensuring that there are more guidance counselors, social workers and smaller classrooms so schools can keep better track of students and the reasons why they aren’t going,” Ansari said, “instead of blaming parents and families that have challenges he clearly doesn’t understand.”

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