New York City Mayor Insults Parents — Again

The NY Times reports that New York City Mayor Bloomberg today complained today about the predominantly minority parents who are fighting against his plan to close twenty-two schools:

“Unfortunately there are some parents who just come from — they never had a formal education, and they don’t understand the value of education.”

It’s an outrageous insult against all parents, and especially to immigrants. In my experience, often immigrant parents who have little formal education are some of the biggest boosters of helping their children improve themselves through schools. On top of that, his comments show the arrogant perspective that if you don’t support what he wants done, then you obviously don’t care about schools. It’s similar to the refrain often used by school reformers against anyone who opposes their plans (see The Best Posts Discussing Arrogance & School Reform).

Unfortunately, this comment is just the latest in a series of actions he’s taken to show he does not respect parents of the children he is responsible for educating (in New York, the mayor is in charge of the school system). You might be interested in reading:

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“Bloomberg talks down to parents, teachers and students fighting for lives of their schools”

I wonder if this attitude is one of the reasons why 65% of New Yorkers don’t approve of the way the Mayor is handling schools?

One thought on “New York City Mayor Insults Parents — Again

  1. Of course closing neighborhood schools is an emotional and personal issue. But who do you think is better qualified to see the big picture and make those hard decisions. Research shows that parents always think that their school is better than it really is. Closing failing schools is an opportunity to reorganize and start fresh. Making hard decisions for the greater good is not about a popularity contest.

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