Update On Newark’s Use Of Facebook Money

I’ve previously raised concerns about how the $100 million donation by Facebook’s founder to Newark schools is being used, specifically it’s misguided parent and community outreach efforts.

I’m not alone in raising those questions.

PENewark outreach to reform Newark schools is a waste of time, money, critics say is a recent local newspaper article describing the outreach process being used.

Shockingly to me, Frederick Hess (with whom I don’t ordinarily agree), articulate my perspective exactly:

“Once he’s banged on every door and heard a litany of complaints, I’m not sure how that will position him to better transform the Newark schools,” Hess said of Booker. “If they want the community and parents engaged in an improvement process, asking people to fill out a questionnaire on their doorsteps isn’t the way to do it. This feels more like the census than community organizing.”

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