October Is “Parent Involvement Month”

Much to my surprise, I’ve learned that October has been proclaimed “Parent Involvement Month” by Governors of a number of states to recognize the importance of the school/family connection. This can obviously mean a lot of different things to a lot of people, but it might be one more good “excuse” to initiate a conversation about parent involvement/engagement in schools.

Here are links to information about the proclamations in different states. Whether or not you live in those states, it might still worth visiting the links. Most lead to parent/school organizations in those areas with websites filled with good information, including research on parents and schools:

October is Parent Involvement Month in Pennsylvania

Minnesota Parent Involvement Month in October (this site also has some good materials translated into various languages, including Hmong).

Parent Involvement Month In Georgia

Parent Involvement Month In Ohio

Parent Involvement in Education Month! (New Hampshire)

Parent Involvement Month In New Jersey

Parent Involvement Month In Kansas

Parent Involvement Month in West Virginia

Let me know if your state isn’t listed and you’re doing something for Parent Involvement Month.

One thought on “October Is “Parent Involvement Month”

  1. At the recent On the Same Page Summit Conference held on September 23, 2009,at
    the Marriott Hotel in Albany, NY, Ms. Carol West, Program Director of the New York State Parent Information Resource Center read the proclamation by Governor David Patterson of New York announcing October as Parental Involvment Month to the group of State Education Department Representatives, School Administrators, Educators, and Parents assembled at the conference on family engagement.

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