‘Many “Views” of Parent Involvement’

Popular education blogger Angela Maiers wrote a post earlier this year titled Many “Views” Of Parent Involvement. It includes many thoughtful comments worth considering, as well as several links to additional resources.

One of the links I thought was particularly interesting was to an article that Angela wrote for Education Week’s “Leader Talk” on the same topic. I was struck by two “Wordles” (an illustration showing the most common words used) — one by how teachers described parent/teacher interaction and the other how parents at the same schools would describe it. Talk about living in two different worlds! Check it out.

One thought on “‘Many “Views” of Parent Involvement’

  1. Larry,
    I am so excited to get your book. I just ordered it today!

    With all the talk about technology, new literacies, new world…it is easy to let the most powerful force we have – our families– slip through the conversations on educational reform.

    Thank you for this work, and for bringing these vital conversations to the forefront of our minds!

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