My Best Posts On The Harlem Children’s Zone & Other “Promise Zones”

, President Obama announced grants to five communities designated at “Promise Zones” that are planned to replicate — more or less — the Harlem Children’s Zone. I’ve published many posts about the Harlem Children’s Zone — both positive and less than positive — including concerns about parent engagement and how they relate to local institutions. […]

Great Discussion on Harlem Children’s Zone

I’ve written a lot about the Harlem Children’s Zone, including applause for its great work and some concerns, too. The release this week of a Brookings Institute report on the HCZ has prompted some interesting discussion in the the educational blogosphere. Check-out: The Washington Post’s Jay Mathews’ Rare attack on Harlem Children’s Zone. Alexander Russo’s […]

Replicating The Harlem Children’s Zone

I recently posted about the Request for Proposals published by the Department of Education for replicating the Harlem Children’s Zone. GOOD Magazine just published a very good overview, including potential issues (and even an infographic) on this topic. There is a possibility of Sacramento pursuing this possibility and, if that happens, I’m hopeful that the […]

The Worst Parent Engagement Ideas

I’ve posted a lot about good parent engagement/involvement ideas, but sometimes you can learn just as much from looking at bad examples. You can see lots of good ideas at all my parent engagement-related “The Best” lists here. Here are my choices for The Worst Parent Engagement Ideas: Putting Parents in Charge is a condescending […]