My Best Posts On The Harlem Children’s Zone & Other “Promise Zones”

, President Obama announced grants to five communities designated at “Promise Zones” that are planned to replicate — more or less — the Harlem Children’s Zone.

I’ve published many posts about the Harlem Children’s Zone — both positive and less than positive — including concerns about parent engagement and how they relate to local institutions. Though I don’t know all the specifics of these five new communities, it will be interesting to see how genuinely involved parents are in their efforts.

First, I’ll a few posts about President Obama’s announcements. Then, I’ll list links to my previous posts:

What Exactly Do Obama’s Zones Have to Do With Education, Anyway? is from Ed Week, and is a must-read.

President Obama Unfurls a New Place-Based Program: Promise Zones is from Non-Profit Quarterly.

Obama Administration Announces the First Five Promise Zone Designees is from the US Department of Agriculture.

Eight southeastern Kentucky counties named “Promise Zone” by President Barack Obama is from the Courier-Journal.

Here are links to my previous posts:

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“Schools central to Promise Zone anti-poverty strategy”

Associated Press Feature On “Promise Neighborhoods”

I’ll add list to my collection of other parent engagement related ones….

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