October’s (2023) Useful Parent Engagement Resources – Part One

How to Make Parent Events at School Meaningful is from Edutopia.

The Biden Administration Is Investing More in Parent Engagement. Will It Be Enough? is from Ed Week.

Nine Tips for Establishing and Maintaining Parent Communication is from TechNotes.

Attendance: Communicating with Parents is from Research School.

This article from The Washington Post explains why and how parents, even if they don’t speak English, can still help their children become better readers in any language:

Deep comprehension means utilizing prior knowledge to dynamically engage with writers and their work.

The process of teaching kids to read better through knowledge acquisition must start early. Data gathered in homes, at schools and in labs show that 1-to-3-year-old children who have conversations with older people learn to read more easily than children who do not.

And it’s not just the sheer quantity of conversation that matters. The information embedded in those discussions shapes unfolding literacy skills. When adults talk substantively about events and objects, children are afforded a significant educational advantage: Their growing bodies of knowledge boost their reading skills.

New Research Finds a Crucial Factor in Reducing Chronic Absenteeism is from Ed Week.

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