New Issue Of “School Community Journal” Is Online

The latest issue of School Community has been published and is available online for free.

It includes:

Can We Talk? Using Community–Based Participatory Action Research to Build Family and School Partnerships with Families of Color – Denise Yull, Lisa V. Blitz, Tonia Thompson, and Carla Murray 

“It’s Like We’re One Big Family”: Marginalized Young People, Community, and the Implications for Urban Schooling – Kevin Gosine and Faisal Islam

Engaging Urban Parents of Early Adolescents in Parenting Interventions: Home Visits vs. Group Sessions – Nadine M. Finigan-Carr, Nikeea Copeland-Linder, Denise L. Haynie, and Tina L. Cheng 

School Performance in Elementary, Middle, and High School: A Comparison of Children Based on HIPPY Participation During the Preschool Years – Amber Brown and Joohi Lee

Great Expectations? Critical Discourse Analysis of Title I School–Family Compacts – Michael P. Evans and Rachel Radina

Where Are Their Voices? Examining Power and Privilege in a Family Literacy Text – Tracey Kumar

Supporting English and Spanish Literacy Through a Family Literacy Program – Stephanie Wessels 

Parental Mathematics Homework Involvement of Low-Income Families with Middle School Students – Robyn Hackford O’Sullivan, Yung-Chi Chen, and Marian C. Fish 

Study on Parental Involvement Preparation at a Preservice Institution in Mongolia – Batdulam Sukhbaatar 

Book Review of A Teacher’s Guide to Communicating With Parents Practical Strategies for Developing Successful Relationships – Fiona S. Baker

Book Review of When Middle-Class Parents Choose Urban Schools: Class, Race and the Challenge of Equity in Public Education – Eileen Gale Kugler

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