Boy, These “Academic Parent-Teacher Teams” Sound Worse Every Time I Read About Them

I’ve previously posted about something called Academic Parent-Teacher Teams, and I just read an article about their implementation in Georgia.

Here’s what I wrote about them last year:

I’ve previously posted about a program called Academic Parent-Teacher Teams.

It has apparently now become a program sponsored by West Ed, a school reform/research organization, and they’ve just published an article about it, Parents as Partners in Student Achievement.

Admittedly, all I know about the program is based on the resources I’ve posted about it, but it seems to me to be pretty teacher-time intensive, data-driven, and leading with the “mouth” instead of the “ears.” I would contrast that with other family engagement efforts I’ve written about, including home visits, that tend to be more relationship and listening driven.

Let me know if you think I’m missing something…

The Georgia article says nothing that would change my mind and, if anything, makes them sound worse.

What do you think?

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