New York City Mayor: “The day of drive-by parent-teacher conferences…is over”

New York City schools continue making dramatic changes in making parent engagement a priority.

Here’s how a new article, De Blasio woos parent bloggers, begins:

Mayor Bill de Blasio told a group of parent bloggers at City Hall on Friday that communication between schools and families is a top priority of his administration, echoing the message of his schools chancellor Carmen Fariña.

Fariña has made parent engagement the centerpiece of her tenure thus far, with the vast majority of major policy announcements centered around creating new avenues for the D.O.E. central office to communicate with parents.

De Blasio called communication “a deep need in this city.”

He indirectly criticized previous administrations for facilitating “drive-by parent-teacher conferences.”

“The day of thinking that is enough is over in my point of view,” he said.

I’m not exactly sure what a “drive-by parent-teacher conference” is, but it doesn’t sound very good….

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