“How Teachers and Parents Work Together for Student Success”

How Teachers and Parents Work Together for Student Success is a useful article from NEA Today.

Here’s an excerpt:

If you show a willingness to learn more about your students from their parents, then they’ll be more willing to work with you throughout the school year. Show an interest in them, and they’ll return the favor.

Mellanay Auman, a middle school language arts teacher, uses the beginning of the year to get to know both parent and student better.

“The first week of school, I send home a fill-in-the-blank letter in English and Spanish for the parents to write to me about their son/daughter,” says Auman. “They get a chance to tell me about what they want their child to accomplish in my class, and about their child’s strengths, hobbies and interests.”

Since you’re asking the parents for input about their children—treating them as partners—they’ll be more willing to communicate with you throughout the year.

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