Two Somewhat Interesting Results From PISA Parent Survey

The 2012 Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA, test results were releases this past week, and you can read all about it at The Best Posts & Articles On 2012 PISA Test Results.

I thought readers of this blog might be particularly interested in a couple of passages from two of their reports related to parents. Their not earth-shattering, but are worth sharing:

Parents’ expectations are strongly and positively associated not only with students’ mathematics performance but also with positive dispositions towards learning.

Across the 11 countries and economies that distributed a questionnaire to parents, students whose parents have high expectations for them – who expect them to earn a university degree and work in a professional or managerial capacity later on – tend to have more perseverance, greater intrinsic motivation to learn mathematics, and more confidence in their own ability to solve mathematics problems than students of similar socio-economic status and academic performance, but whose parents hold less ambitious expectations for them.

If offered a choice of schools for their child, parents are more likely to consider such criteria as “a safe school environment” and “a school’s good reputation” more important than “high academic achievement of students in the school”.



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