“Closing a Fear Gap So Children Can Achieve”

Closing a Fear Gap So Children Can Achieve is an article in The New York Times about genuine family engagement — teachers helping parents of their students navigate the immigration process.

Here’s how it begins:

The meeting began, as so many in middle-school auditoriums do, uncomfortably. Parents squeezed into chairs fit for 12-year-old knees. The speaker’s first question fell flat.

“Estamos listos a aprender mucho?” repeated Montserrat Garibay, an official with the local teachers’ union. Are we ready to learn a lot?

The response — “Si!” — sounded more convincing the second time around. So Ms. Garibay, 34, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt that said “My Dream is Our Dream,” pressed ahead with her presentation. For the next several hours, she led a step-by-step workshop on navigating the country’s immigration laws, with a focus on President Obama’s pledge to let certain undocumented minors remain in the country.

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