San Diego Controversy Shows How Rich “School Reformers” Damage Genuine Parent Engagement

An article came out yesterday about a controversy in San Diego surrounding a parent group funded by Rod Dammeyer, a venture capitalist and charter school supporter.

All I know is what the article says, and it appears that the teachers union is understandably concerned that actions by the parents group carry a hidden charter school agenda.

Yes, we educators need to look at parents as allies. At the same time, however, it’s a little mind-boggling to me how the parents group spokespeople can seem surprised at the teachers union reaction to them when they are funded — and staffed — by people connected to the state Charter Schools Association.

At a recent national conference of the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project, I led a discussion with people from around the country on organizing and parents. An issue raises was that the only grant money available out there for parent engagement was from rich “school reformers” who want to push a charter school and parent trigger agenda.

I think, more and more, we’re going to see that money corrupt genuine parent engagement.

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