“‘What we’ve got here is failure to communicate’”

‘What we’ve got here is failure to communicate’ is an excellent post by Carol Burris in The Washington Post.

In it, she criticizes many who blame the fact that more and more parents are “opting out” of having their children take standardized tests solely on “communication” issues:

It is all seen as just a failure to communicate. And therein lies the problem. The focus on communication, rather than on a response to concerns, demonstrates a lack of faith in the ability of parents and teachers to understand what is occurring. Parents understand the high-stakes testing rationale. They just don’t buy it. The interpretation of grassroots parental opposition as a “communication failure” communicates arrogance. It is the ultimate “nanny state” response—you do not understand what we know, and what we know and do are best for you.

I’m adding it to The Best Posts On Parents “Opting-Out” Of Standardized Tests For Their Children.

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