Update On #PTchats On Twitter & Announcement Of New Parent Engagement Video Series

Here’s some exciting news from The Institute For Educational Leadership. I’m just going to reprint their official announcement:

Wednesday night #PTchats

Every week beginning August 21 at 9 pm Eastern Time , Dr. Joe Mazza (@Joe_Mazza), Penn State Graduate School of Education Innovation Coach and Principal of Knapp Elementary School in Lansdale, PA, will lead Wednesday night Parent-Teacher Twitter chats (#PTchat).  #PTchat is a social media professional development conversation that enables parents, family engagement practitioners, teachers, students and others to develop new and innovative approaches to partnerships. IEL will provide new content for #PTchats as well as connect them to national networks of family and community engagement practitioners. Previously, these chats (accessible here) have focused on some of today’s most challenging issues for family and community engagement. The weekly conversations will be archived for dissemination while reflections and insights are made available through weekly 10 minute #PTchat Radio Podcasts, created in cooperation with the BAM Radio Network.

Past guests, in addition to parent and teacher participants, have included education experts and practitioners such as Michele Borba, Steve Constantino, Anne Henderson, Larry Ferlazzo, Jim Dillon, Angela Maiers and others.

This year’s #PTchat moderators encompass a cross section of lenses within educational systems around the globe including students, teachers, principals, superintendents, school board members and members of national parent and teacher organizations.  Not on Twitter? Follow our conversation live at http://tweetchat.com/room/ptchat

Online Video Vignettes of Best Practices in Family and Community Engagement

IEL will create video vignettes that amplify best practices in innovative family and community engagement happening around the world. IEL will work to build a collection of strategies facilitated by schools that highlight one or more components of Dr. Joyce Epstein‘s 6 Types of Involvement for school, family, and community partnerships.

Innovation can mean low-tech or high-tech strategies, and we will be working to capture both types when considering video submissions. Schools with innovative practices to share, are encouraged to submit ideas using this form. 

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